Gerardo Rivera Tello

Atmospheric Science Ph.D. Student

I am currently studying for a Ph.D. in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at the University of Hawaii. My research insterest are in applying deep learning to gain insight on El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) diversity.

Interests: Climate Science, ENSO, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, 3D Graphics


(Submitted) Explained predictions of strong eastern Pacific El Niño events using deep learning

Gerardo A. Rivera-Tello, Ken Takahashi, and Christina Karamperidou (2023)


IGP-UHM Deep Learning Model 2023

A deep learning model trained with climate data to predict extreme Eastern Pacific El Niño events

ENSO Machine Learning Python GitHub

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Heat Transfer equation numerical solution 2022

Final project for the course Scientific Computing in Python from the Peruvian-German PeC3 center.

Python Numerical Methods GitHub

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xENSO 2020

A python package that leverages xarray for ENSO studies

Python GitHub

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Python Club for Physicists 2019

Phyton Club for Physicists is a project that aims to teach Python to physics students at the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) in Lima, Peru.

Python GitHub Physics

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